Six varieties of color-coded cards are issued to clients after they have been screened for Thalassemia carrier traits. These consist of white, pink, blue, purple, orange and green color cards. Pink cards are issued to Beta Thalassemia carriers. White indicates that the subject does not have any carrier traits. Green means the subject is a carrier of Hemoglobin-E trait. Orange indicates Alpha Thalassemia carriers, Purple to those who carry a Hemoglobin D trait, and blue to the Sickle cell trait carriers. In addition, a document will be provided to those who have to take the test repeatedly for various reasons and to those whose tests are inconclusive.
Counselling will be provided to recipients of cards (other than the white ones); regarding thalassemia or the specific trait they carry. It is very important for those who receive such a card, to come to the first floor of the Thalassemia center, and obtain information regarding their traits from a counselor, doctor or staff nurse.